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Cos Cob

Historic and vibrant commuter-friendly neighborhood known for waterfront views and acres of parkland

Welcome to Cos Cob

Formerly known as "Coscobneck," Cos Cob has a fascinating history, once serving as an impressionist art colony from the 1890s until the 1920s. Today, Cos Cob is a vibrant, commuter-friendly village that feels like it’s part of the wilderness thanks to hundreds of acres of beautiful parkland and the fact it is framed on either side by water, the Cos Cob Harbor to the south and the Mianus River to the east. 


Even though Cos Cob is located conveniently close to the main city, the breathtaking waterfront views and outdoor features make it feel like it's in another region entirely. You’re close enough to the city to benefit from the amenities, but far enough away that you don’t have to deal with the downsides like urban congestion and heavy traffic.

What to Love

  • Very commuter-friendly
  • Acres of beautiful parkland
  • Stunning waterfront views
  • Everything within walking distance
  • Close to great schools
  • Village-like small town

People and Lifestyle

Cos Cob is a quiet, picturesque village with waterfront views, several great parks, and thriving businesses. Everything is easy to access and generally within walking distance, including the schools, local library, hospital, and necessary services. This village-like town is considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut and one of the top-rated suburbs to raise a family because of its pedestrian-friendly nature, recreational opportunities, and excellent schools. 


Residents who live here appreciate the tight-knit neighborhood feel. Neighbors often get to know each other and there are a lot of families so kids have playmates from the time they're young. Thirty-five miles outside of New York City, Cos Cob is optimal for anyone seeking a relaxed, waterfront oasis allowing escape and refuge from the daily grind of the big city.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Those who enjoy cooking and preparing charcuterie boards, meals, and appetizers for their guests will appreciate the excellent local food markets in Cos Cob. The Greenwich Cheese Company is the best place in the city for the finest artisanal cheeses and specialty foods hand-selected from the best importers, cheesemakers, and small farms. For seafood, the Fjord Fish Market provides premium, responsible-sourced seafood. Fjord is a local purveyor of seafood, take-out, and catering.


Skip the hassle of cooking from scratch (and doing dishes) for a  night and try The Cos Cobber, a vibrant neighborhood staple perfect for the whole family. Since 2011, Caren's Cos Cobber has created a warm and inviting environment where friends and neighbors can catch up over great food and incredible views of the Griffith E. Harris golf course.


If you're ever in need of a quick pick-me-up or to-go meal, Rinaldi's Deli is a family-owned country deli serving fresh food made daily, with a smile! Rinaldi's is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in town.

Things to Do

The Cos Cob Park is a stunning waterfront park with a multi-use field, picnic pavilion, several trails, and a playground. This park is also home to Cos Cob's 9/11 memorial, where the city of Greenwich regularly hosts memorial services and commemorative events to pay tribute to the lives lost. 


Outdoorsy types love Pinetum Park for its mixture of paved and unpaved nature trails along with ponds and the Greenwich Botanical Center. This peaceful park is idyllic and perfect for anyone who wants to stretch their legs in the sunshine or take a pleasant stroll. 


Cos Cob is home to two public schools, Cos Cob Elementary School and Central Middle School. Since many school boundaries cross zip codes, students living in Cos Cob might attend other public schools in Riverside, Old Greenwich, or other Greenwich area school districts.


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